Uncategorized April 7, 2009

A good hanydman is hard to come by.

So being a home owner, having a full time job and two kids under the age of 6 can make it hard to take care of the little maintenance items that crop up in your home. I grew up with a Dad that pretty much knew how to do everything, in fact he built the home I grew up in and still lives there today. So being able to do the work myself isn’t the concern. The concern is finding the time to do it. Well as luck would have it I happen to luck out and find a great handyman by the name of Rob St. John. Rob has done everything from electrical, to dry wall to repairing leaks in walls and windows. I would highly recommend Rob to any one who is in need of a great reliable handyman. His prices are reasonable and he is on time and very neat and always has something nice to say. You can reach rob at 425-343-2202 or e-mail him at betterbuild@hotmail.com.