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Being factual today is more important than ever.

Seems that today everyone and their mother are walking around with hand held smart phones and they have them in quick draw mode. More so than ever you need to make sure you know what your talking about these days.

My father is a great example of this. In his day when you told a story it was always ok to make some things a bit bigger for the sake of a good story,  and if you didn’t know the exact answer then you just made something up. Heck I still do that to this day but what I’m finding out is that your BS can be easily discovered in a matter of minuets. My son who is 7 asked his grandfather one day, “why the Ocean is salty?” The answer that was given, although not correct none the less, was amusing and my 7 year old took it hook line and sinker. But standing behind my father was my 18 yr old Nephew. The one person that if your facts aren’t in line then get ready because with 3 quick flicks of the finger on the I phone and “Ba Boom!” He has the correct information.

So take the same scenario but instead of  a 7 year it’s a customer at your open house and your being asked questions from a potential buyer or seller. You reply with some facts that may or may not be exact. It only takes the savvy customer about 5 minuets to do some fact checking on their smart phone to verify what you have told them to be true.

I’m a strong believer that first impressions are key to a good start to a good relationship. So if this is the case you need to arm yourself with tools and applications that  enable you to answer questions accurately. Here are my suggestions.

1. Have a smart phone, my recommendation would be the Driod Google phone or an I phone

2. If you really want to look impressive the I pad is a neat tool with the 3G and wireless connections

3. A simple laptop computer with a aircard from you cell services provider will do the trick.

4. There are many useful Applications on the smart phone to help you access data faster. Here is the Android market place and the I phone app store.

Last but not least remember it is also perfectly ok to say “I don’t know but I can get that answere for you rather quickly.”

If you know of any useful apps  I would love for you to share them with our readers.