Real Estate RelatedUncategorized December 1, 2010

The value of a great real estate broker!

Being in the house buying arena again I’m very much aware of the need for the expertise of the real estate broker. In saying that, the type of services that I need today vs 11 years ago has not really changed. What has changed are the tools that a broker can use today to enrich the home buying experience. I’m often asked, what do I see as the value of the broker today?  I though I would break it down for you .

My Broker has a great grasp on the inventory. Many times the house you end up buying isn’t one that is currently listed but a home that the Broker has knowledge about prior to coming on the market. You can think your 12 Automatic E-mail notifications are giving you all the information, but I have news for you. THEY AREN’T!

A in depth understanding on home value.  Sure Zillow can give you a zestimate but it hasn’t been in the home and it hasn’t toured this neighborhood for the last 10 years. It isn’t totally up do date on the schools and the amenities. Technology can only take you so far. I’m amazed at the amount of over pricing that takes place. My Broker has an insight as to the values. Although we may love a house, you still need to know your paying a fair price. My Broker advises us on house values for each neighborhood.

(Zillow is a great site I visit it often but bottom line, my Broker has more info that is specific to our needs.)

My Broker listens to what is important to us and applies that filter when new homes come on that they know are not what we really want.

My Broker has a great grasp on tools to access data. While driving around in the car we are offered an I pad to see photos of a home before we go in, making sure it’s what  we want to see.  Instantly finding info on homes not on our list using an IPad or a smart phone.

Communicating via text, e-mail, and twitter. Our time is valuable so communicating in our comfort zone is very important.

Knowing my broker has similar interest as we do. Not just being all about business but being real and building a good relationship.

I understand that Real Estate isn’t rocket science but there is a wide gap between a Broker that is Great and a Broker  that is just Good. Today I demand Great!

Buying a home is a huge undertaking today and you should never under estimate the ability of a Great Broker. They are worth their weight in gold in my opinion.