Uncategorized July 21, 2014

Resources vs. Resourcefulness, what do you choose?


Have you ever wondered why there are people in this world that are given everything yet they still struggle to succeed? Then there are people who have huge life struggles, emotionally, physically, abuse, and yet they overcome it all and succeed and go beyond. 

It boils down to some very basic ways in which they choose to think. When you ask someone why they failed many times they will list a lack of resources. Such as, money, time, help, ideas, and the list goes on and on. The person that actually was successful they too will tell you that they had a lack of resources but the difference is they did not lack resourcefulness. If a resource was scarce then they were resourceful and found a way to either get it or work around it. They also have drive, and they achieve this drive by being laser focused on their destiny which points them to being resourceful.

Many people believe that history commands their destiny when in reality we command our destiny by what we choose to focus on.

To be able to achieve you first must decide what you are going to focus on. Is it positive or negative. Either way you have to decide. Is this the beginning or the end? We all have a choice no matter the situation. 

 When my Mother was diagnosed with cancer, she  had to decide is this the beginning or the end?  What we choose to focus on generates emotions, good or bad and that emotion will dictate our actions. Because she chose the beginning her actions became that of  fighting and surviving and to overcome this hurdle in her life. It wasn't easy and took 4 big operations and lots of patients and setbacks but her focus kept her moving forward.  I'm happy to say she is cancer free and enjoying her life today. I’m sure she had images of what she wanted and the reasons she needed to  fight. Family, my Dad, her kids and grandkids. It all creates emotion that in turn dictates her actions. 

After you have determined what you are going to focus on then you have to give it meaning. That meaning will generate emotion and emotion will propel you to action. Why is it important? What will be the outcome? When will I have this outcome, Where will my life be then? Last but not least How will I get there? This is the action step. 

I know people who choose the end and their emotions lead them to no action. They never even try because they see the list of resources that they don't have. Remember that success comes with hard work and drive. Emotion controls your drive. What do you choose, the Beginning or the End?