Uncategorized November 25, 2014

Lets get back to what it is we do well, and do it better.

 I recently read  a piece by RealScout CEO Andrew Flachner that stated "Zillow threatens Brokers with obsolesces."  I'm sorry but this is BS!

We are not focused on what makes brokers worth their weight in gold at all. I'm sorry but providing listing data was big in 2000 but today it's about the experience and the power of a well trained professional Real Estate advisor. Someone who has amazing market knowledge, mastered the skills of negotiation, and understands every friction point that can occur in this very difficult transaction and keeps their customer one step ahead at all times. 

Marc Davidson wrote this article and it is spot on. 

"Maybe I’m crazy, but in my mind strong brokers still have a wide-open opportunity to do things Zillow could never do. They can create an undeniable culture, supply hand-to-hand support, create real community connections and build a brand that holds the promise of homeownership more meaningfully than any media company ever could."

As an industry we need to stop having fear about the unknown and start looking at what services we provide today. We need to  honestly ask ourselves, what is the experience my customers have when they work we me? Is it the absolute best or is it just average, am I as professional as I can be? Do I have amazing relationships with my customers and how entrenched am I in the community that I serve? We need to focus on what can be better instead of what is up ahead that we can only speculate on. If we would commit ourselves to excellence in our industry and do what we already know how to do the outcome would be amazing.