Video’s From Ninja.

Specific to Ninja 

Richie Parker from Day one. 

Richie Parker Part 2

Dove Sketch Artist Video day one. 

Awareness Test day 2

Stephen Curry video 

Backward Bike Video

Power of Mindset video 

Mountain Dew Practice video. 

Yoga Never give up.  

Shawn Achor happiness

7 Star Services in a 3 star Industry.

Steve Harvey ” Take the Lid off”

Chris Voss FBI Negotiator. 

Marshal Soulful Jones

Don’t Dabble but Master: Tony Robbins 

How I climbed 3000 vertical feet without a Rope: Free Solo

Jay Shetty on Time

Open House Videos. 

Tyler Davis Jones, Great Open houses.

Using QR Codes.

From Open House to a Listing Consultation using Engage/Present 

Open House Techniques with Moxi Present. 

Property Review Videos. 

Property Reviews. 

How to build a Property Review in Present. 

Cool Present tool how to. 

4 box page in moxi Present. 

From Open house to CMA

From Open house To CMA using Windermere tools 

Recruiting Packet how too. 

Building out a Recruiting Packet in Present

Videos from my Talks. 

Michael Jr. What and Why

Raise your Standards

Simon Sinek on Narrative. 

Simon Sinek on disrespect with smartphones. 

Tony Robbins breaking your negative thinking 

How Boredom leads to the best ideas. 

5 Second Rule Mel Robbins 

Robin Sharma 20/20/20

Box Jump Girl 

Brene B. Empathy

Brene B. Blame

Taking a Lonely

Kenny Arnoff RPS

Brand-new Ending 

Solo no ropes El Cap

A Simple Trick to improve Positive thinking 

10 Ways to have a better conversation 

Change your life, Raise your Standards. Tony R.