Do you Bing? I do!

Ok so I have to say that I use to be a hard core Google user but lately I find myself going to Bing a lot more. Why you ask? I love the ability to do a visual search. It puts data into these image categories and then it allows you to click on one of the image boxes to start your search. Very creative and a new fresh look at how we search. Remember all you Google people keep you minds open for fresh new ideas Bing is giving Google a run for their money.

Posted on October 7, 2009 at 1:22 pm
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2 responses to “Do you Bing? I do!”

  1. Steve Curtis says:

    so how do we take that idea and expand the approach to our real estate web sites that are boring beyond belief … including Windermere’s?

  2. Adam Griffin says:

    You have to install Silverlight to use it? Lame. I’ll stick with Google.

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