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Success starts with you!


As an instructor for our Windermere Ninja Installation I’ve come to learn that everyone can have success. It does not matter your upbringing, your education, your income or lack thereof. I have heard amazing stories from all walks of life. Hardships, life struggles, yet these individuals find a way to dig deep and become what they always knew they could be.

There are 3 main ingredients that I see in these types of individuals.

1. Self Esteem. They have an internal voice that says ‘I am” it says ” I can” and ‘I will”  That voice inside does not doubt itself. That voice is loud with positive reinforcement and does not let negativity disrupt it’s forward momentum. This doesn’t mean there isn’t negativity, all of us have bad days and bad months and sometimes bad years, but they have learned to deal with negativity with positive self-talk and continue moving forward and spiraling up and not down.

2. They lack blame and are humble. They don’t point fingers. If they have a problem they first look inside to see what they have done to create this problem. In life it is easier to blame others for our misfortunes and much harder to point a finger back at ourselves. They seek to do more for others then they do for themselves. They have  fully  embraced the law of value. “You can’t get what you want until you have given others what they want” They always try to see the good in people. In the world we live in today it is so easy to seek out the bad and mistrust in people. When you lack blame you tend to see more good and less bad. Yet today we are surrounded with negativity.  The News sources, TV, and Politics, all seem to want to uncover the bad in individuals when in reality on any given day there is so much more good happening in our world,  yet the positive news doesn’t get us eyeballs or ratings so let’s ignore it. They have a great filter to take in good and filter out bad.

3.They create attraction. We are attracted to these individuals because of the positive energy they have. They are not self-serving and always look to prop up others. They have success yet rarely take the credit for it. They do not objectify other individuals. They see themselves on the same level. They teach and share their knowledge and are not protective of it. They spend more time listening and less time talking. When they do talk you very rarely hear the word “I”. They understand that getting things accomplished happens more often when we understand compromise and how to work together. They know that working in a vacuum will get them nowhere. They are great at solving your problems, because they care. They know how to be a player and avoid the victim mind set.

Every day we all have the ability to make a choice. Do I go out today and seek out someone I can help, or do I help myself? Do I walk knowing that I have all the answers and I’m not willing to share, or do I look to others for help and knowledge, and when I find it I want to pass it on?  Do I tell myself I can or I can’t? In my mind’s eye am I better than everyone else or are we the same?

Everyone can be what they want to be, but in order for this to happen you have to look inside first and see how you are showing up every day. It has a profound effect on others, negative or positive.