Business today Are you in it for the long haul? I recently read a blog post from Seth Godin called. Tribal organizing (right and wrong, slow and fast)  He talked about the decisions we make and what motivates us. Are we living in the world of instant gratification and basing our decisions from that point of view? He suggest that maybe we slow down and look more long […]
Living Working together you can achieve great things! This last Friday I embarked on a challenge that I wasn't sure I was ready for. It was a challange rather than a race called the Tough Mudder. 11 mile run thought 18 crazy obstacles.  I was running with 5 other team mates that I didn't  know very well with the exception of Jack Gettles. […]
Business today Success starts with you! As an instructor for our Windermere Ninja Installation I’ve come to learn that everyone can have success. It does not matter your upbringing, your education, your income or lack thereof. I have heard amazing stories from all walks of life. Hardships, life struggles, yet these individuals find a way to dig deep and become what […]
Business today Are you a Victim or a Player?   I don't know about you but I'm not one to want to hang out with the type of individual who blames everything that happens to them on everyone else. Sure we all know someone like this don't we? They tend to see the negative in most everything, they always have something going wrong in […]
Interesting stuff Life can throw you a curve ball but you can still hit it out of the park. Mr. Jimmy Dunlap the original Ninja. On my visit to Ft. Collins Colorado to get re-energized by Larry, Don, and Shoes. I was very lucky to have an opportunity to meet Jimmy D. Jimmy was the original ninja, Larry based many of the processes in the Installation off of the success that Jimmy had with […]
Business today Living in the past can stop forward movement!   From the book the Slight Edge. "Are there things that are incomplete in your life? any unpaid bills? Have you done your taxes? Did you borrow a book or tool you have yet to return? Is there someone who needs to hear you say, "I love you," or, "I'm sorry," or, "Thank you- I […]
Business today How often are you face to face with your customers? I'd like you to meet Joie Gowan. Joie as been in the real estate business for over 25 years. I walk past her office daily on the way to my office. Today I walked by and noticed over 100 of these on her floor. I asked Joie what they were? She told me they are […]
Business today It doesn't take much, it just takes a little. If the slightest change can make such a huge impact then why do so many people not do it? It amazes me today that you can map out a solution for success for someone and they will still find a way to fail. This image below form the book the Slight Edge explains how only […]
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Business today It doesn’t take much, it just takes a little. If the slightest change can make such a huge impact then why do so many people not do it? It amazes me today that you can map out a solution for success for someone and they will still find a way to fail. This image below form the book the Slight Edge explains how only […]
Business today Showing up on time and being consistent are the keys to success in everything you do! I am re-reading a book called the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. Great book. In his book he maps out the 7 Slight Edge principals. I'm just talking about the first two. The first two seem so evident and simple but I'm amazed at how many people apparently don't get this. BTW I'm not immune […]
Business today Are you one of the 78 Million Boomers?   America’s 78 million Baby Boomers comprise the largest chunk of the nation’s population and carry most of its wealth. Most have paid off their homes and want to age in place. Baby Boomers also have longer life expectancies than previous generations. In fact, according to the American Medical Association, those individuals who make it […]
Living Funny things my Dad has said. So the 13th is my Dads birthday and as I think about all the sayings my Dad said to me it sparked the idea for this post. The part of my job that I really love is getting up in front of large groups and presenting. Not sure how many presentations and talks I have […]
Living Let the kids have fun playing sports. I’m from Texas and when I was in the 2nd grade I had to try out for a baseball team. I’ve played college football and I do understand what it takes to play sports at a higher level. I now have a son who is 8 years old and playing kid pitch baseball. Sure I […]
Business today People tend to work with people they Know, Like, and Trust. This whole idea of relationships is pretty easy if you stop and think about the people in your own world that you tend to do business with. Ask yourself a few questions then apply it to how you conduct your business. 1. Do you tend to work with others that only reach out to you […]
Education Creating memories with your kids? This isn’t a real estate topic I know but something I feel very strongly about. I have great memories of being a kid and going on some great adventures with my Dad. Everything from camping out, to back packing, to building amazing kites in our garage, or sitting around a camp fire carving whistles out […]
customer services Try something for 30 days! This is an older video form but worth mentioning again. Matt Cutts talks about changing our life by trying something for 30 days. Strangely enough if we do something for 30 days it can easily become a habit. Many times I hear Brokers say “I can’t do that because I’m too busy”. I then […]
Living What is all the hub-bub about Pinterest? Well as of late it seems everyone is buzzing about Pinterest! I’ll admit my board is terrible and the Pinterest bug hasn’t hit me yet. I decided I should do a bit more investigation What is Pinterest: It’s a social site that enables you to gather and share online images. Where facebook lets you read […]
Business today What you focus on expands. Have you ever been around someone and they just seem to darken the room? Their thoughts are just so entrenched on a negative focus and they never seem to understand why they attract so much negativity. Then you also know those individuals that seem to have such amazing things happen to them and they are […]
Business today Fun ice breakers at our Windermere RMS class with @nik_nik Well the last few days was awesome. Windermere’s 40th Anniversary Symposium was heald at the Seattle Sheraton. There many great classes to chose from. I have to say however that there was one class that really shined. This class had really great agents attending and one particular instructor that started one of the mornings off […]
Interesting stuff Thank you to all the Veterans out there today. Well today is a day to give thanks for all those who served our country. They allowed us to have what we have today. The freedom to achieve and be the best we can be. In my family, my Father (Harry Fanning) is a Vet, served in Vietnam on the USS Ranger. My uncle (Ben […]