Business todayLiving February 13, 2012

What you focus on expands.

Have you ever been around someone and they just seem to darken the room? Their thoughts are just so entrenched on a negative focus and they never seem to understand why they attract so much negativity. Then you also know those individuals that seem to have such amazing things happen to them and they are always there to help or be involved in your world in such a positive space.

It got me thinking about something I heard a week ago from Larry Kendall. What you focus on expands. Our minds are amazing in what they are capable of doing. In order to achieve in your business, in a relationship, or as a parent there are 3 things you need. Mindset, skilset, and actions. No matter if it is your business, a relationship, or a dream there are actions needed and those actions have big or small impact based on your skill set. The most powerful however is mindset. We all typically know what we need to do and most of us have the skills but mindset will over rule the other two on any given day.
Many people are paralyzed simply because they do not have their mind set in a positive and proactive place. We see this all the time. They know what they need to do, they know how to do it, but they have been playing negative tapes for so long that it stops them in their tracks.

My point to all this is that you can apply yourself all day long, and read books to learn about skills in business or life but none of it will work until you get your mind in a positive place and you learn to focus that positive attitude daily. Anyone can be negative it isn’t hard to do, it’s harder to show up and be positive and think about how you can go out and make someone’s day. If you start to focus on being positive it too will expand. My Dad always told me “son if it was easy then everyone would be doing it.” Being positive day in and day out isn’t easy but that positive attitude rubs off on others and that in itself can be addicting. Give it a try and see how it changes your life.