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Are you a Victim or a Player?


I don't know about you but I'm not one to want to hang out with the type of individual who blames everything that happens to them on everyone else. Sure we all know someone like this don't we? They tend to see the negative in most everything, they always have something going wrong in their life and none of it ever seems to be the fault of their own! They tend to focus on the negative news of the day then they will manifest that news and weave it into their own failure in some way. This pattern is a spiral down mentality and a mindset from scarcity. They have little trust and most of the time they think that everyone is out to get them. This is a very difficult way to go through life. It also does not help in attraction. When you live in this space the energy you put off is highly negative and repealing. Most victims usually attract other victims.

The opposite way of thinking is that of a player. This individual takes full responsibility for their situation and is always open minded to others to help he or she to become a better individual. They usually measure their success not by what they get but how much they can give. Their mentality is that of abundance. They try to focus on the positive 90% of the time and normally have trust of most others.

A great example of thinking as a victim or a player as it pertains to Real Estate is our Inventory today which is a big deal. Every where I go I hear this. "We have an inventory problem!" Would you say that is an Victim or a Player statement? Things will get better when we have more inventory. What are we blaming for our lack of business?
I would suggest a different approach! If inventory is the issue then that would tell me, as a player, that we need to go out and create some Sellers! The biggest generation of today is the Boomer generation. The individuals were born between 1946-1963.

This generation in mostly in transition. They are prime for moving to the retirement world or are already there but are still living in homes that they raised their families in. They want to make the move to a warmer climate or get that smaller condo but no one has helped them understand how to make that happen. Well you're a Real Estate trusted adviser that has this knowledge. Instead of complaining about low inventory get creative and go seek out sellers and help them make the move!

When you create a seller you generate inventory and bingo problem solved!

The image at the top of my post is that of Tom Solcum in the 1991 Boston Marathon at the 20 mile mark. He started 24 hours before the other runners. Tom has a player mentality. Next time you are blaming someone else for where you are in life think about Tom and what he faces on a daily basis.