Business todaycustomer servicesReal Estate Related October 19, 2012

Real Estate as a Career.

There are 3 serious questions you need to ask yourself.

1. Am I committed to having Real Estate be my career?

2. Do I believe in the company I work for?

3. Do I believe in myself?


I read a recent blog form 1000watt and there was one part of the post that stuck with me and made me want to expound on this statement.

Strive to be able to one day proudly say, “100% of our agents attend our company meetings, use our tools and get five-star reviews. And 100% of our past clients return to do business with us.”

This article talks about how many real estate agents today are creating a perception in the eyes of our customers that as a whole we lack professionalism, integrity, and accountability.

This is why the 3 questions are so important. If you see Real Estate as a career then there are things you are going to do.

Show up every day ready to exceed customers’ expectations. Understand and have a process for working with customers that gives predictable outcomes. Running your business like a business. Being proactive and not reactive. Seeking to solve problems for your customers regardless of the net dollar outcome. Selfless and humble. It is these traits that have proven to create the most rewarding business in real estate.

Do you believe in your company? Does your company provide you with tools that help you to differentiate the value proposition to your customers? Is there an environment that enhances your drive to be better? Are your surrounded by others with similar drive and professionalism? You would be surprised the impact being around other successful people will do to your own business.

The most important question of all however is "Do you believe in yourself?"
If you don't believe in yourself then the rest really doesn't matter. How are you getting your mind in a place on a daily basis to show up with a can do attitude? Looking past the hurdles and only seeing a path of success. It isn’t easy, but needed. Life can be brutal and create obstacles that at times can look like an un-passable mountain. If you question yourself then these mountains can stop you in your tracks. Often we underestimate the power of the mind. It controls our path 100%.

I would ask you to think about each of these questions and then listen to that little voice in your head. Really listen hard to what it says. If there is a negative thought that comes out then that will be the starting point for you to know where your work needs to begin.