Business todayLivingReal Estate Related March 29, 2012

People tend to work with people they Know, Like, and Trust.

This whole idea of relationships is pretty easy if you stop and think about the people in your own world that you tend to do business with.
Ask yourself a few questions then apply it to how you conduct your business.

1. Do you tend to work with others that only reach out to you one or two times a year?

2. How does it feel to you when someone you recently worked with reaches out unexpectedly and offers up to you something of value?

3. Are there people you work with that know and care about what is going on in your life and it really feels genuine?

4. Do you find that you want to give more then you receive to those that always seem to be there for you?

5. Do you tend to work with others that only seem to reach out to you when they need something?

6. How did you feel about someone when they sent you a personalized note thanking you for being you, did you tell others about how that made you feel?

If you stop and look at all the opportunities you have to make a difference in someone else life you will be very surprised how that gesture will improve the way you perceive your life.