customer servicesReal Estate Related May 16, 2012

Building relationships haven’t changed much!



Recently I read a post on Seth Godin’s blog that really hit home for me as I’m out trying to teach how to be social in today’s new world of micro interactions. Below is a quote to his blog, click on it to read the full post.

It’s still people. We still have one and only one thing that matters, and it’s people.”

There is so much today in terms of apps, social sites, I pad tools, you name it, I’m sure there is a app for that. There is one thing I know, and that is there isn’t an app that can magically make your relationships with your customer better. There isn’t a new unique listing search tool that will act like a magnet and attract customers to you! What makes your relationship with your customers better is being engaged with them. When I say being engaged with them what I really mean is adding value frequently and being relevant to what is currently going on in their life’s.

I don’t really care that you have a new listing or that you just had a great meeting with a potential buyer. How does any of that benefit me? What really matters at the end of the day is that you have been monitoring my pain and pleasure and then proactively you reach out to say “hey I care about what is going on in your life and would love to either help solve the pain you’re having or make you smile by doing something special for you.” There lies the secret sauce folks.

Believe it or not this doesn’t happen very often. NAR stat said that only 18% of Realtors ever follow up with their past clients.

My point to this post is that yes you need the cool wiz bang apps, and tools but what makes that customer Know, Like, and Trust you is how much you are involved in helping them get what they want.