LivingTechnology February 24, 2012

What is all the hub-bub about Pinterest?

Well as of late it seems everyone is buzzing about Pinterest! I’ll admit my board is terrible and the Pinterest bug hasn’t hit me yet. I decided I should do a bit more investigation

What is Pinterest: It’s a social site that enables you to gather and share online images. Where facebook lets you read about individuals, Pinterest lets you see what others are “pinning.” Pinterest lets you create “Boards” where you can pin everything from quotes to vacation pics to home improvement inspirations to fashions your are in love with.

You know the old saying “A picture is worth a 1000 words” well its true. Pinterest is simply a place for you to tell a story about your Passions, Hobbies, dreams, and anything else you can think of by using images to be your voice and then share it out to your friends.

Why should you show and interest? Well there are lots of people using it and the numbers seem to continue to grow.

Here is a link to a recent article on the traffic that Pinterest is getting. As of today the demographic is 97% female. Sorry guys for some reason we aren’t understanding Pinterest just yet.

My take on Pinterest is that it is a very cool idea. It can be fun, but it can also suck you in from what I’m hearing. It’s like anything you chose to do. You have to ask why are you using Pinterest? Is it just for fun, are you trying to attract more eyeballs to your other sites because of the SEO benefits it may bring?

Either way from what I can tell it has legs. People are there engaging with each other daily. It’s like any social site, you try it out and use it for awhile and determine on you own if there is value in the interaction you get from it. Remember that 75% of us are visual when it comes to consume information so this Pinterest might just be on to something. Happy Pinning.

If you have any great things that have come form using Pinterest please share!