Social Media does not generate business, relationships generate business!

Yep you heard that correctly! I just attended an amazing Windermere Installation taught by Larry Kendall from the Group out of Fort Collins Colorado.  The entire premise of the Ninja program is based around being in the FLOW, and understanding that Real Estate is a CAREER!

I’m always amazed when I talk to groups of Realtors and ask the question. “How many have a facebook page or a Linkedin page or a twitter account?”  Lately almost every hand will go up. Then I ask the question, “How many people interact and engage daily on their various accounts?” Usually 75% if not more of the hands go down.

Here are some numbers that you may not be aware of.

  • 1-2 days is the normal time a customer takes to pick a Realtor.
  • 8-18 months is the time they take investigating the market.
  • 11% of buyers used the same realtor they used previously.
  • 18% of Realtors followed up with customer after closing.
  • 73% Realtors  are making their primary income from a        source other than Real Estate

It is pretty clear that on average the typical Realtor just isn’t in the FLOW. It could be because they don’t see Real Estate as a career.  This article might explain some of the problem.

Not sure about you but I’m not going to use a Doctor that is also a barrista on 4 out of the 7 days a week.

The key to being successful in Real Estate is about having knowledge in the industry, Being trustworthy, and having relationships with your customers that span far beyond the transaction. What Social Media allows you to do is to interact and engage with your customers daily, however remember that the best relationships come from genuine engagement. If all you do is re-post content and drop in from time to time without looking for the opportunities to have face to face interaction then you are wasting your time in the Social Medial world. Remember it isn’t who talks or post the most it is the person that creates value on a consistent basis. Social Media is just another channel that connects you to individuals that you are wanting to establish relationships with. Once a relationship is created then business can happen.

Would love to hear how you are successfully connecting with your client base.

Posted on July 30, 2011 at 1:48 pm
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5 responses to “Social Media does not generate business, relationships generate business!”

  1. Amelia Degracia says:

    In line with the thought ” social media is just another channel that connects you…” may I add that I find the conservative e-mails to be more appealing than fb, twitter,etc. which are good for general comments to let everyone know you’re still there. Thanks for your article, it’s a great resource for creating more lasting and better relationships.

    FYI – browsing on the Windermere Website in the hope of finding myself a Designated Broker when your article caught my attention. Very nice.

  2. Amelia Degracia says:

    No further comments needed. Thanks.

  3. Michael Fanning says:

    Thank you Amelia.

  4. Burchard says:

    At last! Something clear I can undertnasd. Thanks!

  5. Michael Fanning says:

    HI Burchard. I’m glad my post made sense.

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