Technology “The Nest” If you don’t have one you need one.   by Michael Fanning Yes it is true, the Nest is a must. I recently installed this little device and it is awesome. The first thing about it was the installation was a breeze. In fact I just sent a photo of my old wiring set up on my old thermostat and Nest send me back […]
Business today Keeping your data on your Iphone and Ipad safe if stolen. As I teach classes on using  Iphones and Ipads I’m always get some pushback when I suggest that everyone set a password on their device. They say it is a hassle and inconvenient.  You know what is more inconvenient? Having a thief get access to all your personal information, not to mention your clanedar, financial, […]
Business today Real Estate, Relationships, and the Digital Age. When I was first introduced to the world of real estate in 1995, less than two percent of real estate agents used computers. It was a world based primarily on interruptive marketing to a farm of unknown individuals. Today, relationship marketing is still very much alive, but now consumers have access to an infinite amount […]
Living What is all the hub-bub about Pinterest? Well as of late it seems everyone is buzzing about Pinterest! I’ll admit my board is terrible and the Pinterest bug hasn’t hit me yet. I decided I should do a bit more investigation What is Pinterest: It’s a social site that enables you to gather and share online images. Where facebook lets you read […]
Business today Tools to help the Real Estate agents. So Today at the Windermere’s 40th anniversary symposium we unveiled a new Ipad application called Touch CMA. This program is very robust and I thought I would just show you some of the screen shots of its functionality. Cover page of your CMA Map of comps around your home that has been GEO located. Draw […]
Business today Excellence vs mediocre, your decision. I recently watch a video from the Inman confernece in New York where Chris Smith was interviewing Phil Libin the CEO of evernote. There were two things he said that really stuck out to me. The first was that there are some amazing sites out there for searching real estate, however he did not mention […]
Business today Relationship, Marketing, Specialist. Well Jan 25th to the 26th at the Windermere annual Symposium agents will be able to take a two day course that will teach you how to become a Relationship Marketing Specialist in this new world of digital. Topics will cover 1. What has changed 2. Leveraging Social Marketing for Real Estate 3. What is […]
Living Can I just unplug for a day? I was laughing the other night as I was sitting behind my drum set at the Tacoma Art Museum getting ready to quickly upload a pic to facebook when our lead singer said, “Hey Mike are you going to sound check or text all night?” It dawned on me that like many of you we […]
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Business today Blogging does matter. As Windermere gets ready to launch their new websites that are based on a wordpress platform it will be a huge opportunity for many of you to think about having a blog. I for one truly believe in blogging. That said there will be many of you that may not think that blogging adds […]
Business today Be Smart when using a QR code. So there seems to be a big buzz these days about QR codes. I’m seeing them pop up all over the place. The idea behind the QR code is great but I’m finding that Realtors aren’t really thinking about the content behind the code. Let me give you a few examples. So  you have a […]
Business today Stop and think before you post a listing to your facebook personal page! Photo courtesy of So I know there are some of you out there that will read this and then keep posting your listings to facebook and that’s just too bad but hey, how does the saying go? “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make  him think!” or something like that. I recently […]
Business today Keeping up with Mobile computing in Real Estate. I sat through a great presentation by  Matt Dollinger. His presentation was all about “The Future of Computing in Real Estate?”  He gives you some great ideas as it pertains to mobile computing and connecting PC and Macs to mobile devices such as I pads and smart phones. If you have some time I strongly recommend you […]
Business today A blog vs a website! As  Windermere solutions gets ready to launch their new tools set there will be lots of discussion on the topic of blog vs website. 8 years ago a website was a good idea. Today that has shifted especially when it comes to having a website that lives in the world of Real Estate. Today we are seeing a […]
Real Estate Related Day one of listing my home. So my home is on the market, Yeah! From the listing detail page on Windermere I love that you can see what other sites value your home at. Here we have and Wow, why such a big difference you may ask. Well that has a lot to do with where the data comes […]
Education Learning how to create lists on your personal Facebook page. Lists are a very helpful way to narrow down the groups you want to interact with within your Facebook world. Hope this is helpful!
Real Estate Related Why is Windermere investing in technology? A recent article form Geek Wire talked about Windermere and Brett Eddy the new CTO for the new company Windermere Solutions. After reading the article I began to read the comments. It was amusing to me to see the wide gap between the individuals that want to change the way we do real estate and the existing […]
Business today How being on the Web is drastically changing! Graph Sources: Cisco estimates based on CAIDA publications, Andrew Odlyzko “You wake up and check your email on your bedside iPad — that’s one app. During breakfast you browse Facebook, Twitter, and The New York Times — three more apps. On the way to the office, you listen to a podcast on your smartphone. Another app. At […]
Interesting stuff Where to go to get educated on Social Media! Image by Stephen Poff Are you overwhelmed today? Not sure if you should be using Twitter, or Facebook, what about linkedin? Do I talk about business or personal stuff? What is too much information and what is not enough? I get asked these questions all the time, so I thought I would just give you some […]
Real Estate Related How strong are your relationships? I have to laugh because I was at a Starbucks coffee shop the other day over hearing two 20 somethings talking about all the friends they each had on facebook. It was almost like a competition between the two of them. Not that having 3000 friends is a bad thing but really whats the point. […]