Real Estate RelatedTechnology April 18, 2011

Day one of listing my home.

So my home is on the market, Yeah! From the listing detail page on Windermere I love that you can see what other sites value your home at. Here we have and Wow, why such a big difference you may ask. Well that has a lot to do with where the data comes from for each of these sites. If I look closely eppraisal has old tax data showing that my home has an unfinished basement therefor the sq footage of livable space isn’t used. Reality is the basement is finished. Zillow on the other hand is update with the specifics of my home. The great thing about having this on the site is that as a Real Estate professional you should know what these other sites are showing for information on the  home being listed. The customer is going to seek this out anyways so now it is easier for them to see it from It also allows the Listing agent to be aware and able to have an intelligent conversation with the buyer or seller as to what the real market value is of this particular home. At the end of the day no matter what an automatic evaluation will say the market is going to bare what the market will bare. Happy selling!

To see the listing click on this link. Home for sale.