Business todayTechnology May 15, 2013

Keeping your data on your Iphone and Ipad safe if stolen.

As I teach classes on using  Iphones and Ipads I’m always get some pushback when I suggest that everyone set a password on their device. They say it is a hassle and inconvenient.  You know what is more inconvenient? Having a thief get access to all your personal information, not to mention your clanedar, financial, and contact informatin. Here is a recent article from Citeworld on theft of cell phones. How protected is all your information if someone was to steal your devices? Read Article


Below are some easy things you can do to be safe.

1. make sure you have a passcode on your phone

2. Make sure you have I cloud set up

3. Make sure you have an account with find my Iphone/Ipad

4. Don’t leave your device in the passenger seat of your car or out some place where someone may be tempted to steal it.

You can also set your phone up so Thieves can’t disable find my iphone by following the steps on this blog article. Read Article.

If you have any good phone recovery stories I would love to hear them.