Excellence vs mediocre, your decision.

I recently watch a video from the Inman confernece in New York where Chris Smith was interviewing Phil Libin the CEO of evernote.

There were two things he said that really stuck out to me. The first was that there are some amazing sites out there for searching real estate, however he did not mention any broker’s site but instead mentioned the big non brokers sites. His comment was that they seem to really understand the UI and that the traditional brokers sites seem to still be living in the 1990’s when it comes to search.

What this means to me as a traditional broker is that we have to step up our game and be transparent, give the customer all the info we possible can and then be the most knowledgeable person in the room. There are sites out there today that work great but I’m still amazed at the lack of marketing that an agent will take to get their site out to the masses. We have to take all that great info that we carry around in our brains and get it up and living in the digital world in a very easy and user friendly package.

Phil actually said he was dreading making the contact with an actual realtor. That doesn’t speak well about how we are showing up.

The second thing he said was that with Technology today it is much easier to be excellent and mediocrity is becoming less and less tolerated.

What I take away from this message is that we as the traditional brokers in the room need to look at our tools we use today and ask ourselves if we are showing up and being on top of our game. Are we connected via smart phones, Ipads? Do we have the ability for instant communication and document delivery? Are we micro connected with our customers? If we aren’t then we need to re-learn what the customer is looking for today.

Windermere is very excited to be offering a class at our Windermere symposium next week that will address this need to get your business and relationship building skills up to speed using lots of different types of technology available from tools like evernote and many others.

Posted on January 20, 2012 at 12:23 pm
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2 responses to “Excellence vs mediocre, your decision.”

  1. Nate Scott says:


    What do you think about Edina Realty’s decision to pull their listing data from Realtor.com and other aggregators? It still baffles me that we give these sites our data for free so that they might turn around and charge us to advertise on the sites. The sites only have advertising value because we supply the data. Why aren’t we charging them for the data, or trading for advertising space, or…..just pouring the data into our own sites like Edina. What we do is worse than working for free, that’d be cheap compared to what we do. We not only work for free, but then we might pay them to cite the source.

  2. Michael Fanning says:

    As you know Nate this has been a topic of discussion from day one. I happen to think that the whole aggregation of listings needs to be re evaluated. When you look at the dollars that are charged from some of these companies back to the Realtors for internet marketing it is ridicules. In fact in this down market where Realtors are working twice as hard for half of what they use to make, various not traditional listing websites are increasing their prices for marketing. I think this is an interesting topic that we should seriously look at both the pros and the cons because there are both.

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