Stop and think before you post a listing to your facebook personal page!

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So I know there are some of you out there that will read this and then keep posting your listings to facebook and that’s just too bad but hey, how does the saying go? “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make  him think!” or something like that.

I recently read an article from called “the art of social listing exposure.” Great article and I highly recommned you read it. Especially the part about terms of agreement with FB.

So when your in the home buying mode how many of you wake up and say to yourself, “I’m going to log into facebook today and look for a home to buy!” My guess is that just doesn’t happen.

Here is my analogy on this topic. What if my neighbor was a geologist and about 3 times a week he would drop off new dirt samples on my doorstep. That would get annoying real quick and I’m sure I would politely ask him to stop. The polite way on facebook to ask someone to stop something is to un-friend them.

Let me share with you my 3 strikes and your out policy. I happen to really get annoyed when i have someone post listings that appear on my wall. If all I ever see from you is listing posts without any other good quality posts that provide value then after the 3rd listing post I’m clicking the un-friend button.

What if that same geologist neighbor did something a bit different. Instead of dropping off dirt samples they instead took time once a week to educate  my kids about how cool volcanoes are or talk about how mountains are formed. There is value in that, and far more interest.

When you post your listing’s you assume that all your friends are looking or know someone that is looking to buy a home. That happens to be a very small percentage of people.

A better way to look at this would be to find something of common interests that may be connected to this new listing of yours that appeals to a much larger audience.

What is so great about the neighborhood this home is in?

What are some of the great amenities that are in walking distance to this home?

If you owned this home how would it stack up as a great investment in say 9 years?

Take a look at the article I mentioned above, they give you some great examples of good and bad ways of posting data.

Remember that Social Media is about being

Real, Relevant, and engaging. If all  you ever talk about is your new listings that gets old real quick and adds little to know value.

If after reading this you still want to post your listings to facebook then do it on a Fan page not a personal page. That way I can still interact with you on  your personal page but it doesn’t clutter up my wall with your listing posts. Also take the advice from the MTO team and get creative so that you aren’t so boring and you generate greater BUZZ!

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2 responses to “Stop and think before you post a listing to your facebook personal page!”

  1. Obviously, there’s a learning curve for some folks, especially those who are not SML (social media literate). As real estate folks, it’s ingrained upon us early on to blatantly and shamelessly plaster our listings in every conceivable venue known to man. Shopping carts, bus stop benches, etc.It’s our nature. But we need to realize that the marketing paradigm has shifted significantly. And as Seth Godin so aptly states, consumers don’t want to be constantly interrupted in the daily course of their lives, especially on platforms like Facebook.

    Regardless, it continues to amaze how many people use their personal profiles as a primary means of promoting their business/listings. Some even use their business name for their personal profile! Unfortunately, after they’ve expended all that time and energy to gain some traction, Facebook will swiftly delete their account due to a violation of their Terms of Service!

  2. Michael Fanning says:

    Good points Rich. You are absolutely right. Social Media is about being social and engaging on a real and relationship basis. Directed marketing for listings IMHO, does not belong in the facebook world. I would even go so far as to say I wouldn’t do it on my Professional page. With the rare exception in that there was something extreamly unique with a particular listing.

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