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Where to go to get educated on Social Media!

Image by Stephen Poff

  • Are you overwhelmed today?
  • Not sure if you should be using Twitter, or Facebook, what about linkedin?
  • Do I talk about business or personal stuff?
  • What is too much information and what is not enough?

I get asked these questions all the time, so I thought I would just give you some great starting places and show you how I keep myself informed.

To begin with there is a list of sites you should try to follow on a regular basis that will give you some great ideas and tips to better use these tools.

I follow the Social Media examiner on Facebook. They give me great ideas all the time when it comes to using Social Media in my daily routine.

I also follow Tech savvy agent. He does a great job and cutting out the fat and giving you real meaty ideas on a consistent basis.

Recently Realtor Mag had a great article on Are You Sharing Too Much Online? There are some good things to think about in this article.

I still run across the person that looks at me crossed eyed when I say they need to embrace social networking. They look at me with great scepticism and just shake their head. I explain that no matter what, Real Estate is and always will be a relationship business. That said conversations are happening to enhance relationships a million times a day in the digital world. You know the old saying “If a tree falls in the woods and you aren’t there to hear it, did it actually make any noise?” Yes it did! You just didn’t hear it. Same concept applies in the world of Social Media. If your not participating and engaging in the conversation then someone else is engaging with your friends. This article recently on Realtor mag did a good job at explaining this relationship. Less Is Definitely MORE

Last but not least is Seth Godin. He has a blog that I read daily. His ability to understand the customer and how we engage with them in the world today is spot on. He always has great ideas and feeds them to you in small digestible chunks.

I know many of you are on top of this stuff so please feel free to share the ways you stay ahead of this game!