EducationLiving March 26, 2012

Creating memories with your kids?

This isn’t a real estate topic I know but something I feel very strongly about. I have great memories of being a kid and going on some great adventures with my Dad. Everything from camping out, to back packing, to building amazing kites in our garage, or sitting around a camp fire carving whistles out of willow limbs. This last weekend I spent with my son Jack on a cub scout camp out. We had a blast.

The Akela talked about how it is so important to make this connections because one day my son will have kids and I want him to be able to draw from what he and I did and pass that along to his kids. Whether you’re a Dad or Mom with sons or daughters take that extra time to create those memories of things that you did with that child that had an impact and created an everlasting connections to that moment in time. I write this post because if your life is anything like mind, there is always 20 balls in the air and it can be easy to forget. I know growing up whether it was my Mom or Dad they always took the time to create these memories with me and my sister. In doing that it has helped to shape the person I am today and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t pull up some tape from the back of my mind and remember all the great times I had with my parents on so many different adventures.