Education My success is up to me.   I think this video is powerful in explaining that we are the only reason why we succeed or fail. I have taught over 3500 Real Estate agents about building daily and weekly habits that will allow them to succeed. What is interesting is you don’t often hear is “I didn’t work”, what you hear […]
Business today In the box or out of the box? In our world of business and life we have a big decision to make. Are we in our box or out of it? This is the premise to the book I just finished called. Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box As we engage with other individuals we can be perceived in two different […]
Education What list do you play in your head? A Recent post form Seth Godin talked about us all having a list and that list becomes what we tend to focus on whenever we need to make a decisions. Here were his examples. "I don't have a manager, I need to pay off student debt, my boss never lets me, I'm really busy because […]
Business today Are you one of the 78 Million Boomers?   America’s 78 million Baby Boomers comprise the largest chunk of the nation’s population and carry most of its wealth. Most have paid off their homes and want to age in place. Baby Boomers also have longer life expectancies than previous generations. In fact, according to the American Medical Association, those individuals who make it […]
Education Creating memories with your kids? This isn’t a real estate topic I know but something I feel very strongly about. I have great memories of being a kid and going on some great adventures with my Dad. Everything from camping out, to back packing, to building amazing kites in our garage, or sitting around a camp fire carving whistles out […]
Business today Relationship, Marketing, Specialist. Well Jan 25th to the 26th at the Windermere annual Symposium agents will be able to take a two day course that will teach you how to become a Relationship Marketing Specialist in this new world of digital. Topics will cover 1. What has changed 2. Leveraging Social Marketing for Real Estate 3. What is […]
Education Learning how to create lists on your personal Facebook page. Lists are a very helpful way to narrow down the groups you want to interact with within your Facebook world. Hope this is helpful!
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