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Are you one of the 78 Million Boomers?


America’s 78 million Baby Boomers comprise the largest chunk of the nation’s population and carry most of its wealth. Most have paid off their homes and want to age in place. Baby Boomers also have longer life expectancies than previous generations. In fact, according to the American Medical Association, those individuals who make it to age 65 in today’s world have a 50 percent chance of living another 25 years.

Have you been asking yourself any of these questions?

• Do I have enough money to meet my current lifestyle needs?
• Do I have enough money to meet my future lifestyle needs?
• Do I have enough resources to spend time with my family, grandchildren, and friends?
• Am I concerned about my long-term care needs?
• Am I, or is someone whom I know, retired and in need of additional monthly income?
• Am I concerned about running out of money before I leave this earth?
• Can I afford to do the things that I really want to do during retirement?
• Is my portfolio down?
• Have my assets been reduced to a fearful level?
• Would I like to live in a newer home?
• Would I like to have a second home in a warmer climate?
• Would I like to be able to help my children, grandchildren, or others financially?
• Do I want to leave a financial legacy for my family, church, or others?

In order to be successful today in business no matter what business your in you need to be able to either solve a customer's pain or figure out what their pleasure is.

The Boomer population is huge and I guarantee you will have customers in this demographic. I’m always looking for ways to better understand how to add value to my customers, this book is just another value add for you to better understanding the financial options out there for the baby boomers who may have been asking the above questions.

Tane Cabe, an authority on the boomer real estate niche just came out with a new book for agents to educate and specifically speak to the needs of their boomer clients on strategies around buying and selling real estate. The book in turn can help build your business within the boomer niche. Tane is offering his book for free to the first 1,000 agents that request one. If you want a copy of “Double Your Retirement Dollars; Little Known Strategies to Quickly Increase Income, Assets and Cash for Today’s Retiree”, all you need to do is pay $6.97 for shipping and handling. He’s also offering some free training videos to go with the book. Simply click here to get your copy.