customer servicesLiving March 21, 2012

Try something for 30 days!

This is an older video form but worth mentioning again. Matt Cutts talks about changing our life by trying something for 30 days. Strangely enough if we do something for 30 days it can easily become a habit.

Many times I hear Brokers say “I can’t do that because I’m too busy”. I then take a look at their success or business production and it isn’t close to where it needs to be. There are so many brokers today that are very busy doing something they have always done and not seeing results. Actions with out outcome are time wasters. I would challenge you to try something new that has a proven record of producing results and stick with it for 30 days. Hopefully two things will happen. You will have created a productive habit and your life will be richer because of it.

Think about this, the next 30 days are going to happen no matter what. You have a choice, keep doing the same thing, or challenge yourself to try something new!