Living May 11, 2012

Funny things my Dad has said.

So the 13th is my Dads birthday and as I think about all the sayings my Dad said to me it sparked the idea for this post.

The part of my job that I really love is getting up in front of large groups and presenting. Not sure how many presentations and talks I have done over the years but I guarantee that at every one I will get to a place in my presentation where I hear my Dad’s voice and there will be a saying of his that I use to get a point across. Now granted my Dad didn’t make these all up but he uses them and I have remembered them and used them on many occasions.

1. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason! Listen twice as much as you talk!
2 Don’t let your alligator mouth override your humming bird ass.
3. Mess with the bull you get the horns.
4 There are 3 kinds of people in this world, those that can count and those that can’t.
5. Don’t start a fight but always finish it!
6. she was a handsome lady!
7. Always keep your word!
8. Never be something you’re not, it won’t last!
9. It’s a foot away from your heart you’ll be fine!
10. Don’t do anything halfway!
11. Always remember, handwork and respect will take you far in life!

Happy B-day Dad,
PS, Happy Moms day, Love you both very much, she just didn’t have as many sayings 🙂