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It doesn't take much, it just takes a little.

If the slightest change can make such a huge impact then why do so many people not do it? It amazes me today that you can map out a solution for success for someone and they will still find a way to fail. This image below form the book the Slight Edge explains how only 5% of people today are willing to put the effort in for the long haul.

Many times the small change may not be comfortable at first but if that change is embraced and done over and over again the impact can be dramatic. Easy example. Recently I came across a program called my fitness pal. It is a very simple app that tracks your daily calorie intake. According to this app my slight change suggestion was to reduce my calorie intake by 500 c. a day. Slight change right? What is amazing is how 500 calories over the course of a month add up to 15,500 calories . How about over a year, how about over 5 years?

Many times we set a hurdle in our mind about how the change is too difficult. We don’t visualize that change every day and then we never are able to see the long term impact. This is why 95% don’t succeed. Not sure but I’m willing to put the effort in everything I do to be in the 5%.