Uncategorized March 17, 2010

Don’t be the shut in non social neighbor!

Have you ever been sitting inside on a warm sunny day with the windows open and you hear lots of chatter outside?  You open the front door only to find all your neighbors out in their front lawns talking,  their kids are playing and climbing trees. So you venture out and next thing you know and hour has gone by and you have enjoyed interacting with your neighborhood.

The real estate business 10 years ago vs today is still the same. Being successful is based on building strong, solid, trustworthy relationships. It is about interacting with your tribe and Seth Godin would say. Well look at this news as of yesterday.

Yep! Facebook visits beat Google. What does this mean?

It means that the neighbors, about 425,000 of them are out in their social media front yards talking with each other every day. If you are not on facebook then it is the equivalent of being a shut  in your home on a sunny summer day with all the windows closed and the shades pulled,  not able to hear the chatter.

We all know what neighbors say about that person living in that house don’t we?  Don’t be that person. Get out there and facebook.