Business todayReal Estate RelatedUncategorized June 24, 2010

Whats the deal with business cards?

So I was looking at my desk the other day and noticed a stack of business cards that I have collected over the past few months.

You know how it goes, you go to a business meeting and we all exchange business cards. While in the meeting if I look around the room I also notice that everyone has a Iphone, or a Blackberry or Driod. Why are we handing each other a business card? I look at your card to see your title then it goes in my folder,  then on my desk, then in the garbage. If you really left an impression then just maybe I’ll take the time to put your info into my data base. Most of the time I wait for you to e-mail me, then I get your info from your e-mail signature. Don’t even get me started on people that don’t use an e-mail signature!

So this article I was reading from Mashable called,”Why your next card may be virtual” had some great points to be made as to why we should stop using business cards all together. I don’t think it is going to happen over night, mainly because people still like to be creative and use the card to help them stand out, but at the same time it is rare that I keep business cards around for very long. I do however keep data and contact information for ever in many cases.

A digital business card has a great chance of making it into my data base, where handing me a business card may not. Take a look at this new technology, called Bump. Granted you both need to have the app on your phone but that is even becoming more common today. I think as more and more people are trying to go paperless it makes since, last time I looked business cards are made out of paper! Just trying to think out of the box.

Would love to hear your pros and cons for business cards!