Business today July 3, 2012

Why you need to give 110% every time!


It amazes me how so many people today settle for mediocrity.

Mediocrity will never get you to where you need to be. The typical person today is so use to mediocrity that it doesn’t take much to be extraordinary yet it rarely happens.

Seth Godin wrote a great post today on his blog that encouraged me to talk about going the extra distance in anything you do.

I have memories of being a teenager and having many different jobs to make my spending money. When I would have a job there was always words of encouragement from both my parents saying this, “always do more than you are asked to do and don’t expect anything additional for it.

It didn’t make much since then but looking back it makes all the since in the world. Employers today are up to their eyeballs in mediocre labor. When one person steps up and goes beyond, giving that 110% it really stands out.

I have found that it isn’t easy to always go above and beyond.

I often find myself thinking back to an interaction I have had with a Windermere owner or agent and feeling bad because I could have done more. You have to mentally tell yourself that you will always look for ways to give and do more. I hear so often someone will say, “well I did everything they asked me to do.” Yes but what did you also do that they didn’t ask you to do? That would be the extra 10%.

Just take a second and think about all the services people you run into on any given day. How many of them have gone above and beyond? I guarantee that number is pretty low. There is so much opportunity if you’re willing to step up and give 110%. I know it may not seem comfortable or easy to you but trust me, what’s uncomfortable and hard today becomes comfortable and easy tomorrow