Google Analytics for Buyers and Sellers.

So recently I visited with some Windermere agents on Whidbey Is. who are really thinking out of the box and being very successful in the process.They are taking the tool of Google Analytics and taking it to a whole other level.

Figure 1. Screenshot of Map Overlay from Google Analytics.

Recently I read how Remax is using Google Analytics to better track and understand the traffic they receive to, Windermere has been doing this pretty much from the very early days that Google offered this great free tool.  That said we didn’t stop there. It is one thing to track traffic to your company site it is a totally different concept to follow traffic right down to each photo on every single listing, and  then making sure the agent can use this data to do a better job at educating the Seller on the effectiveness of the  maketing programs and reach that that particular agents has at exposing this home to as many buyers as possible.

From the Geographic traffic maps to the vistor trending reports in the Google Analytics tool agents can now embed this code directly into each of their listing’s photo galleries. What is does is something amazing. Now when listings get activity on line you don’t just get a hit counter. What you get is a story that can be used to better explain how important, pricing is, how valuable a good search tool is, how the internet has far greater reach than any printed publication. You can track trends and market swings based on global activity. When was the last time you ran a real estate classified ad in the local newpaper and the following day you were able to automatically send out a heat map plotting the traffic that that add received from it’s distribution? With Google analytic you can do all that and then some.

One of the tools that is very popular is the ability to e-mail any report directy to your seller or buyer or better yet have it set up on a weekly automated push. With the market being as tuff as it is agents always need to have new creative ideas to articulate the value the can bring to the table. Google Analytics can provide then with just that.

To set up a free account today visit

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2 responses to “Google Analytics for Buyers and Sellers.”

  1. Mike – There is a good tutorial thats’ worth a look at:

    It shows you how to tie our short URL tracking tool ( into google analytics so you get the best of both tools (easy tracking address in your print ad + the deep reporting of analytics).

  2. I have been a big supporter and user of google analytics since the beginning when Justin came to Oak Harbor and told us about this new tool Google just came out with. A big thanks to Mike Fanning for going to bat for Whidbey as at the time it seemed that we were the only ones using it. I strongly believe GA has gotten, and continues to get, our agents listings. There isn’t anyone else on the Island who is using it-or anywhere for that matter. To be able to show sellers where (in the world) their listings are getting viewed, which specific pages they were looking at, how long a potential buyer viewed it, and if they are a new or returning user are big advantages for Windermere and our agents. It is real close to doing your sellers a disservice if you’re not using GA.

    You can even give the seller a login so the agent doesn’t have to remember to send the reports to their sellers for every listing they have; the seller can go into GA at their leisure to check the reports-oh and it’s EASY to set up!

    I can’t say enough or really do google analytics any justice here so you’ll have to go sign up and get yourself an account to find out just how much information they provide for free-and how easy it is to maneuver.

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