Business today October 25, 2011

10 Common mistakes in sales work.

So I read this article in the Puget Sound Business Journal last week and found that there are some mistakes I have made. I thought hmmmm.. I’m sure all of us have made some of these mistakes so I’m going to list them out for you. If you want to read the entire article written by Arden Clise, I’ve included the link below.
10 common mistakes in sales work

1. Dressing too casually.

2. Not conveying warmth, sincerity and energy in your voice.

3. Speaking too fast.

4. Using unprofessional language.

5. Interrupting your customer.

6. Doing something that makes a noise in the back-ground

7. Putting someone on speaker phone without getting their permission. ( I have had someone call me to ask a question about another person, only to find out I was on speaker with that other person in the room) Yikes!

8. Not knowing your customer. (In today’s world there is more than enough information out there to not know something about the person your getting ready to talk to.)

9. Talking more than listening. ( My Dad told me, ” Son you have two ears and one mouth for a reason!”)

10. Over promising.