Real Estate Related March 11, 2009

why check e-mail when you have facebook?

I have e-mail, I also have a facebook account, and a myspace account. In my facebook and myspace profiles I can control and limit the people that have the ability to communicate with me. Because I control that arena that communication becomes far more important than much of the mail that hits my inbox. There are far to many “friends” out there today that assume if they have my e-mail addresss then I must want to know more about what they have to market to me.  This is the main reason I’m more focused on facebook and myspace instead of my e-mailbox.  A great article on this topic was on mashable today by Adam Ostrow and his title read,

Social Networking More Popular Than Email

I find this to be the case in my world on a daily basis. I would much rather see a post or a message from a good friend than the 100 messages I have to delete daily from my inbox of mail from people I kinda of know or don’t know at all, and they  just want me to see what they are marketing. So what is my point with this post?  Real Estate agents please remember this, when you create a facebook account, the individuals who have be-friended you do not want to see your new listing, or get daily posts of you trying to persuade them to come look at your million dollar listing on the lake, or see a detail page posted of beds and baths and sq footage. That honestly is the fastest way for me to de-freind you.  They be-friended you because they want to know about you and what you are doing. They want to know your person and reconnect. It’s great if in that discovery they learn you work in Real Estate but don’t make that the focus. Lets try to keep face book a social networking place and not a giant advertising vehicle.