Real Estate Related November 6, 2009

Embrace change and succeed in business.

In the world of Real Estate, especially today we are in a state of flux. The economy has taken a big toll on our business, relationship building and marketing are going digital, and the banking industry is causing real estate deals to fall out of escrow on a daily basis.  All that said it really boils down to change. In any business you have to always be open minded to new ways of doing business and thinking out of the box.

Many real estate professionals today suffer from trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Never befor have we seen such change in a short period of time. So as you look at your business think about these three thing that were said best by Don Price

1. Embrace change and the challenge that goes along with it. Develop the confidence in yourself to survive whatever comes your way. Try new and unexplored ways of marketing to grow your business.

2. Increase your flexibility. Take a serious inventory of your rigid routines and thinking patterns. Then make some deliberate changes in the way you think and operate. Having difficulty in forcing the changes? Look in the mirror; remind yourself that the price of being inflexible results in stifled growth, and being left behind.
3. Stop being content with the same predictable activities every day. Most new ventures, marketing ideas and activities carry an unfamiliar ring and a fear of failure, but these negative emotions are usually short lived.

Not my words but good words to think about as we approach the end of 09 and look to 2010. I would challenge you to think outside the box with your business. Remember that the Real Estate business is a relationship business and always will be. How are you creating stronger relationships with your customers? Are you adding value, are your listening, and are you engaging them on a frequent basis. Are you providing them with something they aren’t getting elsewhere? Think about transparency and being a real person and not a sales person. Also if you have some good ideas on this topic I would love to get your feedback.

Thanks for taking the time.