Real Estate Related March 25, 2010

You need to put some thought into your social media engagement.

So because I have a blog and I am engaged everyday in social media this blog post  and video from Social Media Examiner really appealed to me and I think you will find some great tips in it as well.

The main points I pulled from watching this is below.

1. You have to listen. Too many times we want to talk and get out what we want to say but if there isn’t an audience that wants to listen then it is wasted breath.

2. After you listen think a bit about how your going to engage. Be insightful, and don’t try to be interesting but rather be interested,  there is a difference.

3. DON’T SELL!!! I can’t express this enough.

4. Stay focused on what it is that you are interested in, the people you are engaged with are there because of that particular topic.

5. Don’t try so much to get new people but really focus on the people you already have, and with that new people will come.

Would love to know if you have any additional ideas on this topic.

Thanks for taking the time.