Digital Interaction gets results.

So this is a good example of how sometimes sending an e-mail does help.

Today I received a notice on my American Express account that my payment was late. Normally I’m not a late pay guy and with this particular card I’ve have never had a problem. I have had this card for over 10 years and my record is spotless. So when I saw that my card was assessed a $39.00 late fee I was a bit taken back and very quickly assumed with a simple phone call this issue could be resolved quickly.


I spoke with a very friendly customer services rep who started off the conversation with this ” Hi Mr. Fanning how may I help you today? Making sure you are 100% satisfied with our services is my job!”

Ok so this should be easy. I stated how I was a loyal customer and never had a late pay and therefor could they reverse the late penalty? She put me on hold and came back and said according to the computer screen that was not possible. What? So I asked one more time and got the same answer.

I then asked to speak to a Manager.  She placed me on hold then a very nice Manager came on with the same tag line and basically repeated to me what the customer Services Rep said. I was shocked. I think I said “is there someone there I can speak to that understands Customer Services?” She very kindly said that she was the end of the road and very sorry but the charge would stand.

Well I hung up and went to the site and found an e-mail address for customer Services. I very quickly in 30 words or less explained my situation in the e-mail and hit send.


This is the mail I got back with in about 30 min.

Dear Michael Fanning,

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of service to you.

I am concerned that you have had an unpleasant experience with American Express.

I also understand your concern regarding the late fee of $39.00 reflecting on your account.

You have been an excellent customer with us and I thank you for making payments on time.

As a gesture of respect to your relationship with American Express and our commitment for impeccable customer service, I have credited your Card account in the amount of $39.00 for the late fee that was assessed to your account. This credit will appear on an upcoming statement.

I hope my action meets with your approval, and I appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

We deeply regret that this experience has caused you to question your relationship with our company. You have been a valued Cardmember, and we appreciate your loyalty to American Express. We hope that you will afford us another opportunity to serve your Card needs.

Please do not hesitate to email us again should you require further assistance.

We value the relationship built with you since 2004 and we hope that you will continue to allow us to meet your Card needs in the future.

Have a nice and smiling day.

Sheetal Aneja
Email Servicing Team
American Express Interactive Services

Way to go Sheetal. Thank you for keeping me as a customer.

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2 responses to “Digital Interaction gets results.”

  1. This reminds me of a story Gary Vaynerchuck tells about his brother trying to get a table at a NY restaurant. His brother calls the restaurant and they tell him he can have a table if he arrives in the next 10 minutes. He hustles out the door, but there isn’t a table available. No tables are available for at least an hour. He gets out his cell phone and is about to text a message, when suddenly… “We’re sorry, we’ll have a table set up right away.” They were worried he was about to Tweet or complain on Yelp about the restaurant.

  2. Michael Fanning says:

    Hey Geordie, yes I have heard that story from Gary. Odd how American Express says one thing to me on the phone but when I send and e-mail with the exact same request I get something totally different.. Strange.

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