Real Estate RelatedUncategorized May 20, 2010

Starbucks has it figured out.

Recently watched this video form the Social Media Examiner Blog where they interviewed Alex Wheeler who heads up Starbucks social media strategy.

I believe Windermere is similar to Starbucks in that  we have overtime created a very strong and successful brand, one agent, one owner, and one office at a time. This didn’t happen over night but happends because we found great people and applied great ideas to a business that on it’s best day wasn’t very professional. When you listen to Alex talk in this video you will hear her say that Starbucks business is still all about relationships and all Social Media allows them to do is have a bigger reach with an already successful brand. Keep in mind your business is about relationships and the question I put out to you would be this. How are you taking your existing relationships and using Social Media to reach out past your friends of friends and have the success that Alex is talking about?