Business todayLivingUncategorized October 20, 2010

Sometimes it is good to take a different road!

If you look at any successful business, or successful individual they all have something in common. They push the envelope, and they are committed.

The other nite I was watching the BRAVO network and the show was Thintervention with Jackie Warner. She is tasked with kicking some butt and inspiring drastic lifestyle changes for her overweight clients who are struggling to lose weight and get healthy for good. Her clients however  have a habit of  eating poorly and not working out and aren’t all willing to get on the plan. (Sound familiar?)

Her job is to get them to change their habit.  They are kicking and screaming because it is hard work and requires them to do something they aren’t used to doing. It also requires them to commit to something long term. What is amazing however is that the individuals that do what she says, even though it is hard and not always fun they began to see results. Guess what? The ones that give up go back to the way they were when they started. We all instinctively know this but I’m amazed at how many of us revert back to the old ways.

Seth Godin said it best from this blog post.

“You might be stuck because you pick the wrong fork on a looping road. You keep getting better at the route you cover, but it doesn’t go anywhere, you just keep doing it over and over. Nine years of experience is very different from one year of experience, nine times.”

Weather it be weight loss, or setting up a business plan the key components are making sure you have the right plan that works for you. Making sure that you are prepared to change some of your old habits and learn new ways to do a better job. Making sure that you are able to stick with something longer than 3 months. Also making sure you attitude is in line with success.

Change will always be there and in the world of Real Estate we are faced with change daily. Our business is not easy. The customer is ever changing. We have to make sure that we are on the right road to begin with before we are able to achieve the success we so badly want.

Is your road  going somewhere or is it a loop you have been walking for too long?