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How are you leaving your mark?

I recently read a  post by Seth Godin called:

Soles: where he said this.

There’s a sign on most squash courts encouraging players to wear only sneakers with non-marking soles. I’m not sure there’s such a thing. If you’re going to do anything worthy, you’re going to leave a mark.”

I really liked this article because now is the perfect time to take a look at your business and think about what your going to do differently that is going to leave a positive mark on the customers you serve.

I’m not talking about a new shiny tool or a funky marketing scheme. I’m talking about a genuine interaction that when they are all set in their new home or at closing after the sale of their home they will have a permanent reminder in their mind about the great relationship they just built with you. This is by far the most powerful thing you can accomplish with your customers.

Too many time we focus on the deal and not the relationship, this was a good article from Zappos called: Don’t network, build relationship. Here is what I liked about this article and I believe there is a lot of turth to this.

“So my advice is to stop trying to “network” in the traditional business sense, and instead just try to build up the number and depth of your friendships, where the friendship itself is its own reward. The more diverse your set of friendships are, the more likely you’ll derive both personal and business benefits from your friendships later down the road. You won’t know exactly what those benefits will be, but if your friendships are genuine, those benefits will magically appear 2-3 years later down the road.”

I would challenge all of you to focus on your friendships and really think how are you leaving a mark!

If there is something your doing now that is working  please share.