Real Estate RelatedWindermere Real Estate April 20, 2011

Day two (Pending inspection).

Just wanted to give you an update on the process of listing my home. So day two and we accepted an offer over the listing price. I can’t express the importance of listening to your Realtor and making sure that you stay realistic on the value of your home. I’m always  surprised when a seller will say that the market is horrible because buyers aren’t buying. Their home has been viewed over and over but the buyers just aren’t buying now. The reality is that you may be unrealistic about what your home is worth in this given market. I’ll be honest, do I wish my home would have sold for more? Sure I think every seller feels that way, but I listened to my agent along with 6 others who all gave great price opinions. At the end of the day a great family made an offer.  I sold my home and they got a home that they are very happy about, and the sales price was realistic. It was a great outcome for all. Now lets get through the inspection 🙂