Real Estate RelatedWindermere Real Estate April 25, 2011

Selling a home the right way!

Well inspection is complete and everything looks good. Closing set for 20 days from now and I couldn’t be happier. So what are the take aways from this process I just went through?

1. make sure your working with a skilled Realtor that knows the market your home is in.

2. Listen to what they have to tell you about the value of your home and the things you need to do to the home to present it in it’s best light.

3. Like my Dad use to say “every pot has a lid”.. point is, there is a buyer for your home and it only takes one good buyer to get your home sold.

4. Making sure your Realtor has skills when it comes to negotiation on your behalf. Marketing the home is one thing but then when an offer comes in there are decisions to be made and leaving money on the table is never a good thing.

5. Working with a Realtor without an Ego. Meaning that they work in an office with other highly skilled Realtors and they aren’t afraid to ask for price opinions and will run scenarios by others to make sure they are getting the best outcome for their client.

6. Listen more talk less.  You may think that you know how to sell your home but believe me there are more ways to do it wrong then there are to do it right.

7. After your Realtor has worked hard on your behalf show your appreciation by, recommending them on sites like Yelp, and Linkedin, and Zillow. Refer your friends to your Realtor it is the best compliment you can give to them.