LivingReal Estate Related March 27, 2009

Facebook yes, but what about Linkedin?

I really think that Reid is onto something here. Many of you are using something like facebook or Linkedin but are you using both to your advantage? Keep in mind that Facebook is really a place for friends, and a place to let your friends learn more about your. Linkedin on the other hand is a place for business to happen and a place where you can tap into lots of different resources that you may need in your business.

Just the other day I was wanting a great video close for a meeting I was doing. I went into linkedin and tapped into over 345 individuals who are professional speakers in some fashion and posted my question. Within minutes I had over 35 responses back with lots of great video ideas to use in my close. This is just one example but as you move forward in this new world of social networking remember that each network has a specific purpose as Reid has eluded to in the video.