Real Estate Related October 16, 2009

The word MARKETING does not exist in SOCIAL NETWORKING!

Ok, this is more of a rant; I’ll admit it.

I just read a great article courtesy of a Facebook post by  Rich Jacobsen.

“How to Take Your Social Networking to the next level”

The article was about social networking and had five really great points that we can all benefit from.  No where in the article did it say take your listings and post them to your friend’s list and advertise. This really drives me crazy that agents continue to do this. Ask yourself this question: If every time you were invited to a cocktail party you showed up with an A-board, a card table and flyers for all your listings, how many times do you think your friends would invite you back to their party? You know the answer.

We know you are in real estate, and we know that you have homes listed. If we want to see your listings we will go to a real estate website and look at them. Stop putting them on Facebook. There is one exception; if you happen to bring on a great listing that is unique or has something about it that people would find interesting then point that out, but don’t just take your craigslist link or your flyer page and paste it to your wall.  Please read the article I referenced above, be engaging, get connected with your network and stop selling.

Thanks for taking the time.