Real Estate Related December 15, 2009

What drives your social media efforts?

When you look at the bigger picture of Social Media you need to have an engine that drives content to each Social Media site.  In most cases with the successful agents today that content is being driven from a blog based website.  Here are some key elements for this blog based website.

  1. Make sure the content you are writing about is something you are passionate about.
  2. Even though this is a blog make sure it has a good real estate based search tool. (I use Networkhome for my blog)
  3. Make sure the blog is your own domain name not the domain given from the blog platform ex. instead of
  4. Add a Become a Fan on Facebook widget to your blog page. This is done by using the Networkedblog tool in facebook.
After you have established a great blog you will then want to make sure you have set up blog syndication in three places.
  1. Facebook professional pages
  2. Linkedin in
  3. Twitter.
Facebook makes this very easy by using an application called networkedblogs. Once installed on your page you can set the feed settings to be automatic. This way when you publish a new blog article it will auto post to your facebook professional page. Once inside facebook you can see how successful your post are by using the insight tool that is built into the professional page tool. (They now show you how users are interacting with your page, broken down by Wall posts, likes and comments.)
The next step is to make sure your professional page is linked to your twitter account. You can do this by going to this link
You will then want to set up syndication on your linkedin account. This is done by adding the application called blog link. Now your blog will automatically syndicate to your linkedin account as well.
By doing all this it will help to increase your readership and reach of your blog to the readers that want to engage with you. Remember stay on topic, be consistent, and interact daily.
Thanks for taking the time.