Real Estate RelatedUncategorized February 3, 2010

There isn't an app for that!

As I was driving in today to work and listening to track 13 of the new Black Eye Peas CD called (Now Generation) it made me think about the world we live in today.  We really have become a now generation.  We want everything to be instant and without flaw and to have little face to face interaction.  This week I was out on a walk with a friend of mine and we were looking at beautiful homes in Capitol hill. He said” hey how do I find out what these homes are selling for?”  He pulled out his I phone and said” isn’t there a app for that?” I just laughed and said yeah there is a ton.  He procedded to open one up and it wasn’t working to his satisfaction so he said “don’t they understand this frustrates me?” Again I laughed and realized that this has become the world in which we live in.  As a company that prides itself on customer services and making sure we take care of our buyers and sellers to the best of our ability we have to better understand the now generation.

We can make all the wiz-bang applications that give information to hand held devices, and have websites that search with a fine tooth combs but what really matters at the end of the day is the quality of the Real Estate professional who understands the ins and out of this maze your are about to embark on with buying or selling a home.  With the litigious society we live in and the complication of a real estate transactions today you need to know that the professional you decide to hire is prepared and skilled at guiding you through this process with little to no injury.  And I have to tell you there isn’t a app for that!