J.J.'s Way, AKA John Jacobi

So I’m at my desk this morning and finding that I have more things to do then hours in the day. You could say there was some frustration, anxiety, and stress. I got up to get a 3rd cup of coffee and just looking up on my bulletin board I saw something that was given to me when I first started working for Windermere 14 years ago. It was something called J.J.’s Way. J.J. is John Jacobi the founder of Windermere Real Estate.

With everything we face today in work, and life I think theses are some great words of advice. So after reading this I was put at ease and back on track. Hope these words help you in the way they helped me?

Posted on May 25, 2010 at 11:40 am
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3 responses to “J.J.'s Way, AKA John Jacobi”

  1. I’m currently reading Drucker’s “The Effective Executive” and have wondered what the world would be like if more real estate brokers had read it. It looks to me like we can add Jacobi to the list of folks who have.

  2. Michael Fanning says:

    I’m not sure if he has read it, and neither have I but now I’m going to. Thank you Geordie.

  3. Jan Edmondson says:

    Hey Mike,

    Here is a blog you might enjoy: http://mayareguru.wordpress.com/

    Best, Jan

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