Business todaycustomer servicesUncategorized June 3, 2011

At the end of the day it’s about customer service.

First a THANKYOU then a SORRY, then a GIFT. Wow! Ok so I wasn’t expecting this but hey Starbucks has a very happy customer that felt the need to blog about this. ME!

So a few weeks ago I was getting my coffee at my local Starbucks. The person helping me wasn’t doing a good job at focusing on what I was ordering. They got my order wrong and then took an extra long time to make the second drink, 15 min to be exact, and didn’t really even acknowledge it when I finally got my drink.

Well I felt the need to e-mail Starbucks. The above letter is what showed up in my mail box a week later along with two free drink certificates.

From a customer stand point this tells me Starbucks gets it. They do listen and they do respond, which tells me they do care.  What this also tells me is that I am also in a customer service world with my job.

So I’m going to do a better job at listening and responding because I also care.

Wow looks like it’s time for a latte. 🙂