Business todayInteresting stuff September 11, 2011

Let me tell you what they didn’t print.

Let me tell you what didn’t get printed. I also said that Just having a great website isn’t enough in today’s world. Windermere understands that you have to compete on all levels which is why we are launching some new amazing tools and options for our customers with a new site. Great new sites and new sites.

But the bigger piece is the way our Brokers show up day in and day out. Buying and selling a home is a huge deal, using a Windermere agent that has the knowledge and expertise, is worth it’s weight in gold.

They didn’t print the part about the home we sold in Magnolia and how an identical listing up the street that was listed by redfin was about 68,000 high and while our Windemrere agent listed and sold our house in 4 days at 100% LP the Redfin listing sat for over 3 months and sold at 89% of LP. There is a huge difference.

All the technology in the world doesn’t replace that relationship and hard work ethic that good real estate brokers bring to the table day after day. I know other companies have great brokers as well but I’m bias in I think Windermere has some of the best and they prove it day after day by dominating the market, Selling homes quickly, and having a very strong loyal customer base. Just look at what happened a few weeks back in the Puget Sound Business Journal battle of the brands.  We made it all the way to the second place up against some pretty amazing brands. That doesn’t happen because you have a great website. It happens because you invest in people and you show up and give back more than you take. You make sure you exceed customers expectations day in and day out.

That is what didn’t get printed. 🙂