Business todaycustomer servicesReal Estate Related March 15, 2012

What is "Fabled Services"?

The last few days I’ve been teaching for Windermere in a class called Ninja Installation! The class is about life and business and the concept of, the more you give the more you receive. It also is about mastery and being extra ordinary, going above and beyond and getting people to say WOW!. By doing this you create amazing relationships and eventually come to have fabled (a legendary story of supernatural happenings) services.

Last night I get home form work and find a small hand addressed letter to my wife from her cleaners “Bakker’s Fine Dry Cleaning”.

To set the stage for this story. We don’t use the same cleaners. She switched to a different one because it is right next to the coffee shop that she loves. She just started going to this cleaners maybe 3 weeks ago. When she opens up the envelope there is a hand written note from the owner thanking her for her business, a 50% off coupon for her next visit, and a survey asking her to tell them how they are doing.

If you could have heard the excitement in her voice. I’m sure at some point in her day this story is going to be told by her, to her friends. Look i’m writing a blog about it today.

See it doesn’t take much but it takes something. There are so many times we have an opportunity to give fabled services but we let it slip through our fingers losing that opportunity. In todays world of services you have to have that “Wow Factor”! You can’t afford not too.

I know what you all are thinking? When am I switching dry cleaners? 🙂 Stay tuned!